Red Ferragamo Belt

Red Ferragamo Belt And Gold Buckle For Women

Ink out early version of the character, Red Ferragamo Belt preparation before leaving to go to the wooden forest, collect more good ingredients to perfect her food recipes, Designer Belt the younger sister consent to control nature is rushed.

red ferragamo belt with gold buckle didn’t have to complete the task, it is much easier than the last time, only half a day, early in the beginning of the ink to find several kinds of ingredients, for a time, the small face to smile brilliant like chrysanthemum!

Designer Belt on the side also not idle, although he can’t distinguish what is edible material, but can help to collect, after all the ink is only at the beginning of the second order, and want to pull off the magic plant or a bit to kung fu, this time you need to play Designer Belt.

Fragrant vine is a very special plant, it can send out anytime and anywhere a refreshing scent, smell people cannot help but be attracted to it, walked towards it, but once in the scope of the fragrant grass, would immediately increase fragrance, let a person look trance, but at this moment, is the good time, fragrant vine shoot it will quietly out of vines, using the suction on the vines to the flesh of eat clean, finally only a skeleton, as part of its nutrients.

Worried that the ink would be disturbed by the smell, he decided to let her stand three feet away, and he went to get the fruit.

The ink Yang experience is rich, know that the fragrance cannot be heard much, must be quick to fight quickly, so be not vague, the thunder in the hand is a beam, go directly to the root of the fragrant vine.

The roots of the scent are like the heart of a human heart. Once hit, it can delay the smell and rush off. It was not stupid, and immediately used a part of the vine to block its roots, and the other part toward the ink.

Ferragamo Belt Reversible Belt Red For Women

On one side of the body, a rolling body deftly eluded the vine and concentrated its fire on the roots of the plant.

For a moment, a man and a cane were fighting.

In the beginning, she looked on with horror, but she wanted to help, but she also knew that she was the only one who was able to play the game.