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All the education activities as usual, you couldn’t see what’s the difference between a and old, but it may be under the surface calm, for a need to cause our vigilance may be unusual undercurrent. In any event, ascension is a result. On education, the result is not all that we should be concerned about. Compared and enters a higher school the result, and some for our country and society are more important things deserve our attention more, ferragamo belt outlet and the reason for this is not dependent on the social consequences.

Today’s high school students are future adults. What he or she is living in high school today is what determines the survival of society in the next decade. Do we want to live in a better society? Then we have to focus on all the high school students from now on. It’s not just about the good students who can get into college, but the silent majority who may not get into college. Between these two groups, there may also be only a door in the cabin. This is the real crisis that education may face today. We will try every way to make him (her) have become a group, a community of interests, rather than a divided two groups, ferragamo belt outlet online especially the success of a group based on the failure of another group.
To write another article, I feel that the current discussion seems to be in some way deviating from the direction, and it is necessary to bring the ship back to the correct channel. When we’re talking about a problem, we have to understand: what are the issues that we’re talking about? What are the challenges we face? How to solve these problems?

It is a matter of opinion whether the four masterpieces are suitable for children’s reading. As a literary classic that has been circulating for hundreds of years, it has its own value. I have never said that people should not read the four great classics, I just say that the four masterpieces are not necessarily suitable for children to read — and this is just my personal opinion. As for the four great books, which are not suitable for children to read, frankly, it is not a theoretical question. Lu qi sun once gave an unequivocal warning in the notes of hefei : The Three Kingdoms, The Three Kingdoms, is not to be read by the children. I don’t hate the romance of The Three Kingdoms. But, when you start to their children to read the romance of The Three Kingdoms and the water margin, read some passage of time, can or should be read on, salvatore ferragamo belt outlet parents most clearly in my mind.