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If measured in the above three criteria, we have to admit that the intellectual, cultural, and publishing the recommended for children, mens ferragamo belt provide good quality and quantity of the modern literature also far cannot satisfy the needs of the parents. Our conscious, systematic scientific work in this respect is not too much, but too little. We seem to have forgotten or abandoned the education responsibility that adults should assume for their children to read.

We can how many scholars from the child’s reading psychology and the ability of the knowledge, use the most simple Ferragamo Belt characters, for the children write a set of ascend the stairs, the authority of the distinguished Ferragamo Belt reader? We have many child psychologist will use their professional knowledge, based on the child’s reading and education, write a set of can hook up his (her) reading interest, and help him (her) to establish a correct values of science of Ferragamo Belt text? We have many scholars of modern and contemporary literature and child psychology will together hand in hand to cooperate, ferragamo mens belt in modern and contemporary vernacular literature for parents and children is recommended for a child to read classic? If I had been ignorant, it would have been better, at best, of my own ignorance; But if I had not been ignorant, it would have been an error of The Times. These gaps should be filled and must be filled.

Children’s reading is a very serious thing. It is about the people’s hearts, and about the future of each family and the improvement of the overall national culture. It is impossible for us to let our children accept education only through texts, textbooks and exams. In that case, he or she may learn knowledge, but not wisdom. We must learn to read, to read, to pass on the culture through the habit of reading a lot, to know the world, to build consensus, to find ourselves. These goals are not automatic and must be done only through conscious education activities. Ultimately, we all the children of this age, also a future generation of adults, adult children of this age, should be take care of all adults – life is not just physical care, more important is spiritual care and guidance.

So how do you solve the practical difficulties parents face when choosing the right modern literature for their children? Am I in the four great classics for children to read? The article puts forward three Suggestions: first, the scholars engaged in research on modern and contemporary literature in the university should act more actively and guide society to pay more attention to children’s vernacular literature reading life and experience, recommendations and create a new batch of modern literature classic; Second, scholars engaged in research on child psychology, scholars engaged in research on modern literature, and literature should join hands and starting from the child’s psychological characteristic and cognitive ability, ferragamo belt mens consciously targeted recommendations for the society and create excellent literary works that are suitable for children;