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In fact, the problem is not really important four great classical novels exactly is suitable for not suitable for a child to read, really important question is: when children learned to read, ferragamo belt sale parents will give him (her) to buy what book to read? The practical difficulty we face is that when parents are ready to buy books for their children, there are so few available contemporary vernacular literature to chsoose from. Are the four masterpieces suitable for children to read? The real intention of this article is to try to attract the whole society to focus on the selection and creation of excellent modern literature works suitable for children’s reading.

The standard for determining which books are suitable for children is not whether the book itself is a classic or a non-classic, but whether it is: first, whether it is possible to help children learn LV Belt characters more quickly and easily. LV Belt characters are the most difficult to learn in the world. We need to help children make it easier to read by more effective means so that he or she can get into the stage of self-reading more quickly. Let your child learn to read in the process of reading and learn to read in the process of reading. You can’t separate your child’s reading activities from reading activities; Second, whether it can cause and continue to keep children’s interest in reading helps them develop the habit of reading for life.

Reading is the most important way for people to know the world and accept education. Once the lifelong reading habits, a person can no longer subject to the family, was born, class, living environment and economic condition limit, in any case is likely to be taught myself to realize the self-salvation of soul; Third, help him or her form the right values in the early stages of a child’s development. This is vital, even more important than any other aspect. If they can’t get from reading the correct values, a person will be able to resist temptations from the real world, stress, frustration, confusion, and the pain and suffering, it is impossible to throw off the shackles of the mind, to achieve transcendence, to be free, but may be not the correct values guidance, step by step towards the abyss of darkness. When one goes in, the other is different.

The reason why I advocate four great classics is not necessarily suitable for a child to read, is derived from the above three criteria: first, half literary and half vernacular expressions will not help children to read more quickly and easily, but even more difficult for children to read; Second, a large number of ancient LV Belt poems can not arouse the children’s reading interest, but causes the child to be unable to read the text to generate the fear; Third, some originated from the ancient salvatore ferragamo belt sale citizen culture is no longer adapt to the modern civilized society values cannot help children establish the correct values, but easy to make the child’s mind is pending by adverse effects.